Welcome to my blog, this blog will cover a wide range of topics ranging from History, Politics, PC Games, Internet Marketing, Information Technology, News, My Personal Life, My Beliefs & Dis-beliefs, Professional Experience and more to topics.

History, Politics & News:

I have a Passion and interest in History, ranging from Greek, Egyptian and Roman Classical era to recent past events such as Anti-Terror wars, Middle Eastern Politics and New Regional Power Struggle between Democratic India and Communist China.

Note: What i write is according to my belief & view and it is not necessarily the accurate truth. I am a strong supporter of Democracy, Capitalism and a supporter of Israel. On the other hand i am an Anti-Communist, Anti-Religious and firmly against any armed struggle(Terrorism) and but i still wish to have opposite views and ideas from the other end. But if you don’t like my views please leave this blog for good.

Internet Marketing:

I am a self made Internet marketing person with expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, Blogging, Mail Marketing and Social Media Optimization. Expect me to write on latest trends in online marketing, New strategies and Internet marketing Tips.

Note: I am a bit too Ethical and follow certain rules, while my strategies take time to work it surely works longer. If you follow other black hat ideas please leave this blog and  don’t even want to hear your comments and Ideas. I am not an expert but i do what i know and i have proven myself over time on tasks i handled.

Information Technology:

I am not a software developer but have lots of friends in the niche, but i do have a passion for IT and wish to share things i read or hear over time.

Note: While i am good write i cannot assure you any personal experience or first hand proof. If you are an expert in software development kindly take some time to read and give your comments.

Personal Blogs:

Anything that are not classified under the above mentioned topics are my personal and have nothing to do with proofs and accuracy i will write anything and everything i wish on my personal category.


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