About Me

I am Panzer Kumar a professional copywriter with a passion for blogging, Search Engine Optimization and other marketing trends. I love hell lot of things apart from my profession, to name a few my interest in History and Love for PC games are rivaled by nothing else. To me these things provide me with a nice change of pace from my regular labor. To say more about me, i am a dedicated lover and believer in Democracy and a supporter of Capitalism, having said that i hate communism from my core and you could call me an Anti-communist.I respect every religion, but follow none, but “i wont say there is no god, but there is no need for god”. I believe humans can live by themselves and its we humans who created the God and so the opposite is just a myth. I believe in fellow humans(friends & foes) and my own skills for each and every task i have at hand. If i fail i accept the failure and work hard to find and patch the issues rather than blaming god or fortune. On the other hand i will thank my mother, sister and friends who played their part on my success.

This blog was started not with any reason but out of passion, but i am sure you will find some thing to your liking and interest. On the other hand don’t expect this to be professional as this is my personal blog and i will write about anything i wish. Thanks for reading something about me.

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