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India is recognized as a strong regional power and potential superpower, the nation has great many advantages such as a strong and stable Democracy which is the largest in the world. India also enjoys a harmonious diplomatic relationship with the rest of the world and has a large pool of young and energetic youth which it can count on manpower and towards a stable economic platform.

However as with old saying “No body is perfect” India too has its own sets of challenges and some considerable handicaps which are sure to hamper growth and progress. This article is about some of the issues and challenges faced by the potential superpower.

Let’s divide the issues by sectors and try to cover a few in this article:

  1. Politics
  2. Bureaucracy
  3. Education
  4. Economy

These are just a few but these 4 sectors are the fore most important parts and each carry an Indigenous torch that can either result in razing or rising the nation.

1. Politics:

                In the largest Democratic nation, democracy makes no good for the People as voting system is wasted by the People (most) and for the politicians, democracy is giving money to the people before election and earning it back after elected.

“It’s Poly-Tricks rather than politics as People blame the leaders and leaders blame one another.”

There are more Parties than Policies here and more Problems than police could handle. Nowhere else on the planet one can see so many parties one or more for each and every religion, caste (already Millions and still counting + Sub-castes), Races (same as previous), Languages, States, Regions and many more which opposes one or more of the above mentioned classifications. In short there are more party votes than public votes in the ballot boxes.

“These parties based on diversities are the reason why religions, castes and race based trouble or to the least animosities are almost omnipresent in India and its these parties who are sole responsible for these differences as Indians are generally secular and the nation is mostly highly praised for its secularism.”

Corruption is always the first word in any Indian’s mouth if you ask them about the slow progress but it is undoubtedly true that politics that divide and rule the people and laziness of citizens when it comes to voting are the most important issue.


However Corruption can never be tolerated as it can bleed a healthy nation like a cancer kills from Inside. Although speaking about corruption and occasionally protesting about it when they have little other work in General we don’t even understand the real problem of Corruption.

When we hear that an X or Y politician has got 1000000s of money through corruption most of us think that this much money could be used for some good work and our though process against corruption mostly ends there. We forget that money lost can be earned and even millions of dollars mean nothing for a strong nation like India. However the drastic trail of destruction it leaves behind by enabling corrupt men to get their hands on public projects and placing incapable men at most important sectors like Educations is the real problem as it is the long term issue.

Sample Scenario:

                Imagine a Adulteration expert gets his hands on Medical and child Care sectors by bribing Corrupt politicians the consequences of adulteration in Medical or Child care sectors could be prove disastrous than money that is involved.

“So in Short Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats not only steel public money but also pave way for others to join in their feast in plundering the nation and plague its people in the long run.”