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Driving has become almost as challenging and deadly as some of the riskiest tasks around the globe, this is especially so in highly populated developing countries such as India. Despite fast growth in infrastructures including roads and over bridges, traffic is a serious factor and driving is always a risky and almost challenging task. This is due to some common mistakes and practices.

Some Common Mistakes on road:

  • Over Speed
  • Tailgating
  • Rushing through Traffic Signal
  • Cross Cuts and Four Corners
  • Late or failing to signal
  • Tight over take
  • Sights on Girls
  • Drink and Drive
  • Mobile Phones

Over Speed:

“Safety First and Speed Next” is almost a forgotten slogan. There is a limit for speeding; speeding is not a ticket to express your style and power. Remember you can always start a little early if you have to reach your destination faster; on the other hand there is always an excuse for being late than becoming late. Speed is not that bad but make sure the road is somewhat clear and free before switching to max. If your GF likes Speeding, you can always find an alternative GF but not an alternative life.


This is another common issue on road, following another vehicle closely can be tricky and it’s better to avoid it. On road some vehicles don’t give way easily, but following them extremely closely can be deadly for it reduces the time needed to react to any emergency in an effectively. This can cause disasters and so it’s better to overtake slow moving vehicles when the road is open enough if not leave atleast 10 meters of gap between you and the next vehicle.

Rushing through Traffic Signal:

Also called by cops as rushing the red light, it’s common among youths and matures alike. Rushing fast to avoid red signal on road is very dangerous and can be deadly in times. Since most of your attention is placed on the signal while you rush, it could lead to crashes with side riders. It’s better to wait for a few mins for no red signal lasts more than a few minutes.

Cross Cuts and Four Corners:

Though this might look childish, turning during four corners and cross cuts is something that requires full attention and care. A slight mistake during a sharp turn could result in a dramatic turn of events in your life. Pay attention to either sides of road and ensure that you signal that you are turning (indication lights or hand signal) atleast before 10 meters of the cut.

Late or failing to signal:

This is another almost silly and stupid mistake, some people almost never use their indication lights or hand signal. This is almost the basic but yet alot of us fail to comply. On the other hand some people do use indication but far too late, just 2 or 3 seconds before they turn or cross the road, this is almost useless for people behind you need some time to react to your signal. The ideal time to signal your Indicator lights is to do so atleast 10 meters before your actual turn or crossing.

Tight over take:

Yet another bike-phobia and is common among youths and college dudes, it’s simply driving in “S” pattern on the road, overtaking too closely and circling among other vehicles and over taking each and every single vehicles and driving in a so called “S” Pattern to keep them self ahead of others and speeding overwhelmingly. There is no need to explain the risks, you may be the best driver out there, but other are probably not and their mistake could be as deadliest to you as it is to them. So avoid Tight Over takes and concentrate your style and passion for riding on tracks and or somewhere else off the road.

Sights on Girls:

Once again dudes are to blame, Chilling on chicks is cool but it’s not the rule out there. Come on dudes, we have alot of time for chicks, and road is not the right place for that. It’s cool to be a dude but it’s important to be alive. So “sights-straight on road”, and sights on chicks are better dealt later

Drink and Drive:

Well what should I say here?? “Drinking is your real right, but on road it’s not right” drink at home or catch a bus if you are drunk. It’s not just your life that will be at line, your family and loved ones will suffer along with your unfortunate victim on road. Take care and care little about yourself before drinking for it will be too late once you are drunk.

Mobile Phones:

It may be your Boss or GF; let them wait for a few moments. Better silence your mobile before your ever get in to driving, nothing is that urgent and most of it can surely wait a few moments. But if it is extremely urgent or important then park your vehicle off road, attend the call and then you can continue your ride. Remember no talking during riding, even avoid talking with your friends in back or front seat during driving for it could distract you from road.

There is always a track or a few off road limits where you can prove yourself as a ruggedly cool rider, road is not the right place for that.